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Sometimes the bisexual label sucks.


As a newly out bi female, I am learning this the hard way.

  1. People assume we follow the binary. Did you know that the original definition of bisexual was made up by a heterosexual man? Bisexual people have SO many different interpretations of the label. We, as a whole are not transphobic, or anything of the sort.
  2. We get a lot of hate from the monosexual identities. You’d think that we’d all want to stick together, but it isn’t always the case.
  3. Society sees us as people going through a phase, or oversexed.
  4. Many think that bisexuality is used as a stepping stone to coming out as lesbian or gay. I have two problems with this. Sexuality if fluid. If someone wants to first identify as bisexual and at a later time as lesbian, gay, or anything else, that’s awesome! Embrace change! But for those of us who identify as bisexual long term, it’s a real piss off to not be taken seriously.
  5. Male identified bisexuals are SO overlooked and treated with such disdain in our communities. 
  6. The assumption that bisexuals cannot be monogamous. *Note: Not everyone needs to be, or should be monogamous. It’s a personal choice
  7. The assumption that all bisexuals like men and women equally. It just isn’t true. And again, not all bisexuals are only attracted to cis men and women! 
  8. People don’t seem to understand that bisexuals do not find every person on this planet attractive. Just like straights, lebians, gays, pansexuals, etc all have their personal preferences and standards when choosing a partner(s), so do bisexuals.
  9. When people see same sex couples, they often automatically assume that they identify as gay or lesbian.

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